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Supplying buxus and lonicera hedging, topiaries and a range of other quality plants
Buxus are a great specimen for hedging and topiaries. It forms a strong, dense hedge that tolerates any position and only needs trimming twice a year. Buxus is a very popular choice for hedging. Plant 5 plants per meter.
Buxus Sempervirens
•  $1.00 per plant (7-12cms). Healthy plants with excellent root structures as a starter grade.
•  $3 per plant (14-17cms) — very healthy more established grade of semperviren with excellent root structures.
• $5 per plant (18cms+) — very healthy grade that gives a more immediate hedge look once planted.
•  $2.00 per plant (12 -14cms). Well rooted and bushy — just a step up from the $1.00 grade to give your hedge a few months head start.
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